«I have know Jon and his work for many years now. Together we have shared a common desire to learn and investigate, whether conversationally or professionally.

His dialogue has always been a collaborative investigation of thoughts, with the best possibly outcome for the project at the forefront of the discussion. As a result, his buildings maintain a clarity of purpose and understanding of client program.

In our collaboration toward an artistic solution to his church project in Casteldefels, it was always the overall experience of the space and purpose of the building which took precedence. This is an unusual and, unselfish approach to collaborative design, in that it allows everyone involved to do their best within their field, knowing they have the full trust of the architect in allowing the best solution to develop.

I always look forward to hearing more from Jon as he is cross-references his knowledge and abilities into ever more confident expressions and projects.»


Danish Artist,Born 1971 Copenhagen, Denmark. Graduated National Art School, Sydney, Australia 1995.

Has participated in several Works around the Globe, focusing in Australia, Denmark, England and Spain.

Photographer, sculpturer and painter, always involved in cultural and social events. Multi-awarded talent and superb human being!

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