J is a Barcelona based studio founded by Jon Tugores, architect and university professor.

Jon founded J back in 2004 after several collaborations with international architecture firms. Firm believer & investigator of ultra-high-tech architecture. He shares his studio with extraordinary people that have become the backbone of J. The team has been awarded, published and interviewed several times. Involved in several cultural activities, J has also written books about architecture or territory: ’Barcelona’, ’Mallorca Boom’ with Jordi Bernadó, ‘Torre Valentina by Coderch’, and co-directed the filmed documentary ‘Mallorca Klein’ for the Rotterdam Biennale.

“At our studio we focus on data, objective and other imported ingredients, we’ve always respected dogma but never followed any. We learn about architecture by travelling and living the buildings we admire. Understanding the visited icons as part of an urban context that is never shared in publications.

We enjoy the creativity in architecture, always understood as real time approaches to the World today + environmental considerations, and in a close and cross-fed dialogue with our clients.”

Jon has lectured at several universities and cultural institutions around the world. From ETSAV, ETSEIAT and UIC in Barcelona, N.Y.I.T., U.O.C. in Canada, U. Ferrarra in Italy, Madrid, Bilbao, Bahrain, Dubai, Venice, Mallorca, Mumbai…


Our Principals:             Jon Tugores, Architect

Partner since 2018:      Jordi Abad Freixa, Entrepeneur & Business man.


Our TEAM … since 2000
Gemma Blanes, Helena Torres, Santi Mañero, Mo Segura, Belen Torres, Sergi Rodriguez, Joan Anguita, Ahmed AL-Engawi, Frederick Smed, Alvar Gallostra, Gemma Muñoz, Licini Alfaro, Jaume Campmany, Enrique Soriano, Pep Tornabell, José Eric Sanchez Masterton, Juan Antonio Sanchez, Paloma Alba, Lorena Maristany, Alejandro García, Roger Mayol, Toni Gironés, Anna Argelagós, Mercé Majoral, Martin Garver,Pere Manent, David Bros, Aoki Yakomizo, Paul Sweeney, Biel Arbona, Lluís Escarmís, Jordi Sala, Jordi Castell, Josep Florència…


Our project Partners
Layetana | RC Enginyers | Robert Brufau | Mika Utzon | BDSP London | Higini Arau
Bigel | IHP Mallorca | Adrovier | Minolta | OZ Coorporación | Torregrosa | LAMP | Roger Subirana | Basvan Maquetes

Francesc Pernas |  Roger Pernas | XVA Arquitectura | Marc Armengol | Jaume Campmany |  Lorena Maristany | Daniel Calatayud | Joan Anguita  | Txema de Miguel | Sergi Serrat | Biel Arbona


Our Photographers
Jordi Bernadó | Cristian Casanelles | Jordi Miralles |  Juan Valdés

The office

Jordi Abad Freixa