Jon Tugores
Lancashire, UK. 1968

  • Architect, ETSAV, Barcelona.
  • PHD Program ETSAB, Barcelona.
  • Jet Pilot.
  • Co-founder of STC. ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, with Biel Arbona, Lluís Escarmís & J. Sala. 1998.
  • University professor, ETSAV, School of Architecture. Barcelona 1998-2009.
  • Curator of the exhibition:’Torre Valentina by Coderch’ with Fernando Távora & Jaime Coll, Carles Fochs, J. Antonio Cortés & Enric Soria. 1998.
  • Visiting critic at UOC, Calgary, Canada.
  • Professor at ELISAVA, 2000.
  • Co-Curator of exhibition about Martin Price’s works. ‘Lyricism’.
  • University professor at UIC, School of Architecture. Barcelona. With Emiliano Lopez & Curro Claret & Daniel Calatayud.
  • Member of a selection of 4 Architects, which developed with Antonio Font the new urban strategy for the International airport of Barcelona. 1999. ‘Plan Barcelona’.
  • Co-author with Jordi Bernadó of ‘Mallorca Boom’, A book with multiple visions of the Island of Mallorca as an excuse to dialogue about sea-related living areas. With Colaborations such as; Rafael Moneo, Juan Herreros, Luis Ortega, Carles Llop, Carme Pinós, Mika Utzon, and other friends. 2004.
  • Flies for several airlines around the globe.
  • Founder of JT+A, Jon Tugores + Architects. 2004.
  • Invited to the Biennalle of Rotterdam 2005, to present a filmed documentary ‘Mallorca Klein’ with ‘Emfasi-Pere Manent’, a that spoke about ethics regarding territory. With Prof. Ivan Murray, Prof. Antonio Font, Prof. Jaume Freixa, Prof. Lluis Jubert.
  • Co-designer with Mika Utzon, Danish Artist: ‘Polyphonic Cloud’, EEC Church. 2006.
  • Father of Jana, 2006.
  • Visiting critic at the Università Studi di Ferrara, Italy.
  • Chosen to design the new EEC Church in Barcelona.
  • Father of Uma, 2008.
  • Visiting critic and professor at the NYIT, New York Institute of Technology, Middle East. 2009-2010.
  • Invited to design the BCH Bahrein Convention Hall, in Manama, Bahrain. 2009.
  • Lecturer at the first World Middle East Environment Summit, Bahrain, 2010.
  • Invited to participate in the Ensaimad-Art by Amadip-Esment Foundation event with other artists such as; Javier Mariscal, Mario Eskenazi, Jordi Labanda, Megan Whitmarsch.
  • Becomes an Airline Captain at Vueling Airlines, flying the high-tech Airbus A320 family. 2012.
  • Working together with Chef Carles Tejedor, and architect Marc Armengol to develop an Urban-high-tech icon, to globalize and hybridize gastronomy & architecture. Thinking-Terrassa. 2012.
  • University professor at ETSEIAT, Space & Aeronautical Engineers, Barcelona. 2014.
  • Participation in several exhibitions showing own works as Architect and Photographer.
  • Member and Friend of the Mies Van der-Rohe foundation’s, Think-Tank, Barcelona.
  • Jury of the Mies Van der-Rohe | Vueling design competition. 2013.
  • Lecturer at Venice, Barcelona, Bahrain, Dubai, Menorca, Bilbao, Dallas, Logroño, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Zaragoza, New York, Dublin, London, Toulouse. 1998.
  • Architect invited to the Agora-Terrassa, Think-Tank conversations.
  • Actar Publishers  presents  ‘Jon Tugores | Barcelona’, a photography book about the Neo-visions of Barcelona.

Jon by Jordi Borràs


With Chef Carles Tejedor + Marc Armengol

BCH Site Bahrain

Mika Utzon at our studio

Post lecture interview

Jon Tugores by Tempura