• Actar publishers finally releases «BARCELONA | Jon Tugores», a book of photographs made by Jon of the area of
    Barcelona. with collaborations from Vicente Guallart & carles Llop. Book designed by Ramón Prat himself.
  • Jon is currently working with friends Pep Salazar & Xavier Vancells on a Think Tank about future cities.
    More soon…
  • Mr. Jordi Abad Freixa, entrepeneur and successful business-man from Barcelona, joins our team as a project
  • Jon is Jury at photography competition at the Architects association COAc with Joan Gaspar, Juan Rodriguez &
    Carla Maideu. Invited by M.A. Aguiló.
  • Jon Tugores is invited to an informal Think-Tank with David Lorente (H Arquitectes) at the ETSAV School of
    Architecture, invited by Prof. Xavier Vancells (XVA) April 16.
  • The Studio is invited to design a new hall for the new program of activities at the EE Church in Barcelona.
  • Photographer Jordi Miralles spends a day taking photos at the Z-House in Barcelona.
  • Ramon Prat, designer and CEO at ACTAR publishers, is finishing the design for the new book on Barcelona’s new
    aerial view. Images by Jon Tugores.
  • Designer Pere Bou finishes this web site.
  • Z-House is selected to take part in a publication in Argentina, all 16 projects selected by photographer Jordi
  • Jon Tugores is invited to design a table Lamp for a European firm.
  • The studio receives the visit of Phaidon Editors.
  • Working together with Minolta on the Masia Freixa project, we are working on ‘Artificial energy-catching leaves’
    for the Carbon fibre Tree.
  • Jon begins a new season teaching at the ETSEIAT, School of Aerodynamic & Space Engineers.
  • Photographer Juan Valdés take images from the EE Church, project built in Castelldefels, Barcelona.
  • Jon begins the edition of aerial images of European Cities for ACTAR Publishers.
  • Jon share with AMB (Area metropolitan de Barcelona) an image for the cover of the 2015 book.
  • Jon is invited to talk at the U.I.C. by Miguel Lacasta.
  • Jon’s photographs are presented at the ‘Port Exhibition’ curated by Barcelona Regional, inaugurated by the Major
    of Barcelona, Mr. Xavier Trías.
  • The EE Church project is presented to the Media and local politicians.
  • On Diseño publishes the To-de House.
  • Our Studio teams up with Engineer Miquel Sureda, to design the new airplane.
  • Jon is invited to design a new concept for air-transport, under a coorportaion created by Manel D’Alayo and other
  • AMADIP via Pablo Martín invite Jon to create an ‘Ensaimada Box’ for charity purposes, with other invited guests as
    Javier Mariscal, Jordi Labanda.
  • Jon is invited to the AGORA Terrassa conversations amongst other citizens of the Vallès City.
  • Jon lectures at Menorca, invited by the COAIB.
  • Jon lectures at the Fira de Pordenone, Venice, Italy.
  • Jon is invited to lecture at the ‘1st Environment Summit of the Middle East’.
  • Our studio signed the contract to design a High-Rise in Manama, Bahrain.
  • End and final review at the ‘New York Institute of Technology’, M.E.
  • Commission to develop a multi-sport training centre in Kuwait.
  • Our studio, presents the BCH project at one of the Royal Palaces of the Royal Court of Bahrain.