CFv01 House , Sitges . Barcelona

Owners:             Family Corbera-Fauria

Location :           Sitges , Barcelona .

Program :          Housing

Surface .            +500 m2

Cost:                 1.3 M € .



– Pre-design:      Joan Anguita [architect]

– Studio JT :       Enrique Soriano , Belen Torres , Sergio Rodriguez , Helena Torres, Santi Mañero .

– Facilities:         Arcadi Bobes & Antoni Tribó. Architects

– Photography:   Jordi Bernadó + Jon Tugores



House where we proposed a U-shape lying on it’s side facing the descending slope, to open the house to the Mediterranean views and creating a private area at the back of the house.

The Customers: She a Judge and Him an aeronautical engineer, participated with us in a more than credible environmental attitude. We proposed a series of actions to fulfill their wishes regarding eco-desires.

* Main structure: the structural concrete, where we added 20,000 protected native flora seeds so that once the building became dismemberment after many years, it would participate in an act of vital regeneration.

* Ventilated facades designed digitally.

* Collection and re-cycling of all waters.

* Cooling air and structure from the subsoil.

* Capturing electricity and preheating water, due to solar energy.

* Automation via Bluetooth.

* Anti-intrusion via a cloud of micro-waves.