Kings Garden Tower, Sky-rise.     Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Year 2010-…
Client Saal Holding + Confidential clients.
Location Manama, Bahrain
Program 2 Hotels + Offices + Housing + Commercail Mall.
Surface +230.000 m2
Cost + 275M Bd. (550M€)
Structure Robert Brufau, Barcelona
Engineering BDSP, London, RC Barcelona
Acoustics Higini Arau, Barcelona
Exterior-Light Yann Kersalé, Paris
Market Study Bigel, Barcelona
Hotel Oohtel, Palma de Mallorca
Artist Mika Utzon, Sydney (Australia)
Models Basvan, Barcelona


This project was a direct commission from Mr. Faysal El Azem, Chairman of SAAL holding. A greater investment group were also involved in this project located at the current Chamber of Commerce. We were asked top design an ultra high-tech skyrise that spoke about Bahrain’s attitude towards environment issues.

The program is quite large, being basically the building divided into three parts.

  • Offices     105.000m2
  • Hotels     42.500m2
  • Housing   49.000 m2

Plus other secondary areas as a ground floor mall related to the city centre activity. A large area for public and private parking will also assume a large area below ground level.

The main structure of the skyscraper is based on a main spine, a great concrete column that will support all the weight of the tower. Offering this way a ground level free of structure and enclosed building, creating a sun protected patio. The spine will support 6 sub-structures that will hang from several big 3D beams.

The façade will be designed hand by hand with Yan Kersale, BDSP and us in order to find a solution that deals with the Sun and the Dust, so present in this climate and that are not good partners with pure glass facades. We are working on disappearing, communicating, entertaining and an energy creating facade.

Application of ultra high tech solutions.