Food LAB + Restaurant. Terrassa


Direct commission.

Developer:      Chef Carles Tejedor

Location:        Terrassa, Barcelona.

Program:         Gastronomy + education

Project:           Rehabilitation + Extension.

Surface.          +500 m2

Photography:  Jon Tugores.


Team:               Co-author:  Marc Armengol, architect.

Basic -Project: Helena Torres, Santi Mañero, Belen Torres, Frederik de Smedt

Structure:       Robert Brufau, Architect.



Project to revitalize one of the best known historical buildings in Terrassa; The Masia Freixa, designed by architect Lluis Moncunill more than a century ago. Found today in a need for uplift state.

Mr. Carles Tejedor, Michelin awarded chef, Harvard professor with Ferran Adrià and Terrassa-born, asked us to develop a Food-LAB/restaurant to become a place where to  share knowledge and concepts that will offer a reason to navigate between the overemphasis of the history of the old building and avant-garde concepts. Resulting from the mixed cuisine of the Grandma all the way to chemical investigations of high-tech cuisine.

Carles is pure energy, there is more to stand beside him and let him go ….

… He is energy contagious and seduces with its tempos, culinary-mental constructs that he broadcasts in real time. Carlos is essence and power. Not only he sucks, licks, tastes and tries everything that can bring to you a sum of knowledge and flavour. He seems to have moments of orgasm pre-seeing a new idea in his head, that is immediately transmitted to his non-stop moving hands. His pampered instrument, his point of contact between virtuality and virgin elements he’s about to manipulate.

Parallel to the restaurant and the laboratory, located inside the Masia Freixa we proposed an outer ingredient to do the functions of re-vitalization: Electricity, Air, Wifi, bluetooth,etc… became the conceptual fruits of the giant Tree we designed.