Omega Zeta TREE pavilion.



Client:             Omega-Zeta Corporation

Coordinator:   Mr. Fradera / Mr. Mandl

Location:        CONSTRUMAT

Program:        Coorporative Advertising



JT-Studio:      Helena Torres, Santi Mañero, Sergi Rodriguez, [architects] Paloma Alba [Industrial Design Engineer]

-Built by:        Omega-Zeta.


The stand was proposed to us after having collaborated with OZ Corporation at our CFv01 house in Sitges, Barcelona. Where we covered the facades with the same material they wanted to present at the Construmat 2007 international fair. The owner of Omega Zeta, Mr. Fradera, participates and conveys a genuine environment passion, which he wanted to share at the event.

The project we proposed started from an idea for a temporal extension of the stand. We prefabricated with the idea that it could re-locate after the show and be converted into another defined program. We proposed also certain readings, design criteria, where the idea of a Tree led us to the formalism used. Positive connotations as a generator of life and transformer of impure air into breathable, a generator of fruit…

We encountered obstacles as the two huge pillars of building of the Fair, which had to deal within the stand.

The OZ stand was pre-built at the headquarters of OZ Corporation, disassembled and re-assembled for the show in 2007. It was finally purchased for recycling and reprogrammed as housing by a Japanese customer.