Social-housing Competition.

Organizer:            IMPSOL

Location:              Montgat, Barcelona.

Program:             Social housing

Surface:               +6500 m2



– Competition:      Helena Torres, Santi Mañero. architects

– Structure:           BOMA

– Services:            RC Enginyers.


We had made three visits before we began designing. A mere exercise of symbiosis to perceive the place as a design ingredient , not as a sterile support information. Visual fragrances , focused on; the mediterranean, the topography, the street, park, sports center , floral scent, the other built unites… a wide range of parameters to be ‘used’ with the requirements of public housing , regulations , social knowledge of this office and a dose of self ego.

With a width of 18 meters , we chose the option of two parallel bars separated by a patio. To achieve and enhance a traditional scheme; patio+stair-case , the stair-case is hidden from the patio views. The eco- project attitudes are related to projective consistency and use of materials. Ventilation and natural lighting in all rooms of the house, even in the parking lot .

We had worked with three types 1 , 2 and 3 rooms with a wet scheem-stripe/Facilities near and parallel to the patio stripe and a second stripe that could be considered an open space where the rest of the epicurean program comes … [ sleep , love , eating, reading , TV , internet … ] . In the outside -exterior facades Mediterranean light is combined with a white micro- grain, with the most abstract possible openings that make up a facade of multiple readings depending on where you look . Large openings in living rooms and standard on the other , playing with the inter-pillar space. In the interior-exterior facades sift through the courtyard Color:green, given the conditions that studies of colorimetry gives this color….