Z House

Year 2015-16
Client Confidential
Location Castelldefels
Program Family House
Surface 298’00 m2
Cost Confidential
Project  2014-       Built 2015/16


A partially prefabricated concrete house located in a suburban area in south Barcelona.

Very close to a highway and surrounded by other predictable architectures from other times.


The client, gave us the opportunity to design his new home, under the limit of a tight budget and time schedule.

A clear open space in the ground floor, and an upper level where we divided the program in three areas. The main room on one side, another block of two connecting rooms and a guest room, everything connected by an ‘active-corridor’, where open-activities take place, such as a playground and an open studio/library.


We achieved a number of ‘eco-friendly’ attitudes:

-The house uses the Sun in order to help in an environmental attitude.

All vertical surfaces between structures are painted in dark grey. It’s all then covered by a vegetal vertical layer. Where the protecting plants disappear during the winter season allowing the Sun to penetrate and heat the outer walls. And offering shadow and Sun protection during Summer time.


-A Microwave cloud protects the house from intruders.

-Prefabricated structure in order to save building time and to lower the CO2 consumption.

-All the Rain-water is collected and used around the garden and the wc.

-Water is pre-heated with high tech solar panels

-A perfect balance in openings to have day light/positive ventilation in all the areas inside the building


Photos by Jordi Miralles