TO-DE House  V2.0       Sitges, Barcelona


Promoter:       Family Torrens-Delgado.

Location:        Sitges, Barcelona.

Program:        Housing.

Surface.          150 m2

Project.            2010

Built:                2014

Project:            Jon Tugores

Construction design:  Helena Torres.

Structures:               Alvar Gallostra, Gemma Muñoz.

Builder:                    Constructions Chechu SL.

Photography:          Cristian Casanelles, Jon Tugores.


The owners are a retired couple of University Researchers who wanted a home near the Mediterranean during the summer season.

The plot is limited in size and highly affected by regulations, which made us go to maximums, in order to be able to achieve a decent house size.

This house is located in a valley, with a variable, but not to pronounced topography, with large areas of pines and immerse in constant Mediterranean fragrances. Surrounded of houses that represent a wide range of works from ‘tired architects’.

Our approach to the plot relates to ephemeral architecture. A formal origami exercise, stretching the exterior into the house, almost in a theatrical way. That’s why the house seems to ‘float’ above the ground, in an act of recognition of the pre-existence. Wanting not to touch the floor, knowing that one-day it will disappear.

Section wise we proposed a new ‘topos’, that creates a deck, a place to extend the program for which they don’t have enough space on the ground floor, epicurean activities for social activities, reading … on different surfaces created by use; Grass, sand or wood.


The house is wrapped in a micro cosmos of Mediterranean flora.